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What is an attachment?

The attachments are specially designed to connect to the Auxfun basic sex machine. There are different types of attachments, such as; dildos, masturbators and adapters. Connect one of these attachments to your fuck machine and let you enjoy yourself endlessly. All attachments are in combination with the sex machine a perfect addition to your sex life.

Auxfun Basic Attachments

The attachments have been especially developed for the Auxfun sex machines. With the 3XLR connection system, you can easily connect all attachments to the sex machine. There are also various connectors available in our webshop that allow you to connect attachments from other brands. For example, with the 3XLR to KlicLok adapter you can connect all the KlicLok attachments. Or use the suction cup adapter and connect all your favourite suction cup toys to the fuck machine. The possibilities are endless.

Auxfun Plus Attachments

These attachments are specially designed for the Auxfun Plus sex machines. The Auxfun® Plus Sex Machines feature an EZfunLok connection. This connection system is patented and designed specifically for the Auxfun Plus Sex Machine.

What is 3XLR?

3XLR is the connection system that you use to connect the attachments to the Auxfun sex machine. The 3XLR connector has a triangular connection that you attach to the machine. With this connector you connect the attachments firmly to the fuck machine. The connection system is easy to use, switch easily between different attachments, this takes only a few seconds and you can continue immediately.

What is Quick Air Connector ( QAC )

Quick Air Connector is another connection system that allows you to connect attachments to the Auxfun sex machine. Because the QAC attachments have a different connection system than the 3XLR attachments, you need an adapter that you connect to the sex machine. With this adapter you can attach all the QAC attachments with one click to your Auxfun fuck machine.

What types of attachments are there?

We have a wide range of attachments for the Auxfun sex machines. We describe the attachments and how to use them below.

  • Dildo attachments: in our range, we offer a wide variety of 3XLR and QAC dildos for the Auxfun sex machine. Vary between different dildos, colours, size, anal, vaginal, single or double. There are more than enough choices to satisfy all your desires.

  • Masturbator attachments: In the development of the attachments, the man has not been forgotten. The masturbators or pocket pussies offer a realistic experience. The pocket pussies are made of soft materials and some have a vibration function which contributes to a realistic experience. The masturbators are equipped with a 3XLR or a QAC connector that allows you to connect them to an Auxfun sex machine.

  • Accessories: after purchasing your Auxfun sex machine, you can continue to expand with attachments as well as accessories and adapters. Optimise your experience with our accessories. With the suction cup adapter you can connect all your favourite suction cup toys to the sex machine. Or do you use the fuck machine in a place where you need just a little more length? Then use the flexible extension piece and enjoy everything the Auxfun sex machine has to offer without any worries.

  • Adapters: in addition to the extensive range of sex toys with a 3XLR connector, we offer many other sex toys that you can connect to the Auxfun sex machine. With the different adapters you can also connect all these toys to the machine. For example, connect all your QAC attachments by first placing a 3XLR to QAC adapter on the fucking machine. Or attach all your suction cup dildos to the sex machine with a suction cup adapter. The adapters are made of high quality stainless steel or very sturdy plastic for an extra long life span.

How do you maintain your 3XLR and QAC attachments?

By taking good care of your sex toys, you can extend their lifespan. We recommend cleaning the attachments and masturbators after use. Use a special ToyCleaner. The ToyCleaner reduces the growth of bacteria. Spray the attachments after use, rinse them and pat them dry with a soft (lint-free) cloth. For an even longer life span, we recommend using a condom in combination with Hismith® water-based lubricant.

Order 3XLR and QAC attachments online

All our dildos and attachments can easily be ordered online. In addition, we always pack and ship our orders discreetly. You can't see what's in the package from the outside. We do not mention a sender on the package either, so nothing can be traced back to us. So order all your favourite sex articles without worrying about your privacy.

Do you have questions about the dildos, masturbators or accessories? Would you like advice on which attachment suits your needs? You can ask all your questions in our Live Chat. We'll be happy to help!