A large assortment of different Masturbators. Will you go for a Pocket Pussy, vibrating- or oral Masturbator? Enjoy intense orgasms with these Masturbator sex toys.

What is a Masturbator?

Fortunately, men are also being thought of these days and there is a wide range of male sex toys to choose from. With a masturbator for men, the standard 'jerking yourself off by hand' is a thing of the past! A masturbator (also called a pocket pussy or male masturbator) is a sex toy made specifically for men. The masturbator features soft, premium silicone material that resembles a real vagina, mouth or anus. Almost all masturbators are made of 100% medically approved silicone. The soft material combined with lubricant gives you a lifelike feeling during penetration. With the different models you can mimic the feeling of oral sex, vaginal penetration or anal penetration. The electric masturbators have suction and vibration capabilities that make your experience even more intense. In addition, the masturbators are compact and easy to store. So no one has to know what you're up to!

What types of Masturbators are there?

There are many different types of masturbators and so there is something for every man. Are you going for a vagina, anus or mouth? With extra stimulation or vibrating modes? Below we briefly describe what masturbators you can find in our range.

Pocket Pussy Masturbator

Standard masturbators for men are made of high-quality silicone. This is 100% skin-friendly and safe material that requires little maintenance. The material is soft and the artificial vagina molds flexibly around your penis giving a wonderfully realistic feeling. The pocket pussies are compact in size and can therefore be easily stored. Choose for example for this Pocket Pussy with an insertion length of 15 centimeters!

Vibrating Masturbator

In addition to the normal varieties, there are also vibrating masturbators. These masturbators gently vibrate so that you experience an intense feeling during penetration. The vibrating masturbators are suitable for men who like an extra intense feeling. Or who are open to new ways to come to an orgasm. You can choose from different types of masturbators that vibrate. There are varieties like the vibrating pocket pussy that looks like a fake vagina. There are also handheld masturbators that both vibrate and suck. Inside this handheld masturbator is a rotated texture. Due to the friction of the texture, you will experience an intense feeling. Use it in combination with lube for next level stimulation.

Anal Masturbator

Would you rather have a tight artificial anus than an artificial vagina? Then an anal pocket masturbator is the best choice for you. For example, choose this Vibrating Pocket Anus Masturbator. This masturbator has a realistic anal entrance and features 7 different vibration modes and 3 speeds. With an insertion length of 22 centimeters you can go in nice and deep. The soft silicone material makes the masturbator flexible and forms perfectly around your penis. A realistic feeling is guaranteed with the anal pocket masturbators!

Moaning Masturbator

Did you know there is a masturbator where you hear a moaning, sexy female voice during penetration? Our Moaning Pocket Masturbator will take you to the next level. The masturbator pampers you with 10 different vibration modes. Do you build up the tension and like to start quietly? Or do you want to go straight to hard? The various modes allow you to choose your own pace. While masturbating you hear a realistic moaning female voice that helps you to a new peak to come. Masturbation has never been so nice with this moaning masturbator!

Blowjob Masturbator

Can't get enough of oral sex or doesn't your partner want to give it to you? A blowjob masturbator simulates the experience of oral sex. The oral masturbator is made to mimic the feeling of a blowjob. This Mouth Masturbator features a real mouth, tongue and teeth. The tongue and special ridges on the inside increase your pleasure through friction.

What do you use a Masturbator for?

A masturbator can be used for several purposes. The most common reason is to masturbate and make your fantasies more realistic. A masturbator takes your orgasms to a new level.

  • Masturbating
    With a masturbator, you can go all out. Tired of standard jerking off? Then a masturbator is the solution for you. It allows you to live out your fantasies more realistically every time. A masturbator can be used for vaginal, anal or oral penetration. This will bring you to an unprecedented climax.
  • Training on endurance
    You can also use the masturbators to train your stamina during sex. Do you often come faster than you really want? Or do you find it exciting to penetrate a real woman? Then a masturbator can be a good solution. You can practice as often as you want and masturbate endlessly. This way you get used to the penetration feeling. This way you build up more stamina and you can go on longer with a real partner.
  • Try
    Do you find it exciting to start having sex with a real woman? Or anal with a real man? Would you like to practice a little before you start the real thing? With a masturbator you can practice as often as you want. Of course, it's not like with a real woman but it does give you a similar feeling. So you can become a little more confident in your sex life. Also when you have trouble coming you can train with a masturbator. By masturbating with a masturbator you can find out what you like and what you need to get off.

How to clean the Masturbators?

We recommend that after using the masturbator, you clean it with a special ToyCleaner. This inhibits the growth of bacteria. The silicone shaft of most masturbators is removable and therefore easy to clean. Spray the masturbator with the ToyCleaner, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a clean (lint-free) cloth. For an even smoother experience and to extend the life of the masturbators, we recommend using a condom in combination with Hismith® Water Based Lubricant.

Masturbator Online Order

Our masturbators can be ordered online easily and discreetly. At Hismith we find discretion very important. On the outside of the package you can not see what's inside. Also, there is no sender on it, so the package can not be traced to us. You can order the masturbators without worrying about your privacy.

Do you have questions about the (anal) masturbators or other sex toys? Through our Live Chat you can ask all your questions. We are happy to help you.