Looking for a new sex toy that will make all your fantasies come true? Then a realistic sex doll is a whole new experience for you to discover. A sex doll (also called sexdoll, lovedoll or a sex-doll) is a doll that is made for having sex with.

Female Sex doll Judy 165 cm
Female Sex Doll Sally
Female Sex Doll Unique
Female Sex Doll Shirley
Female Sex Doll Mia Kali
Male Artist Giel
Female Sex Doll Monika L
Female Sex Doll Liza
Male Sex Doll George
Shemale Sex Doll Conchita
Female Sex Doll Yolanthe
Male Sex Doll Anthony

Life-like Sex Doll

Discover our wide range of both female and male sex dolls, available in various skin tones from light to dark. The soft material and additional stimulation in the entrances and on the penis provide a lifelike feel. For an even more intense experience, our vibrating and sucking sex dolls offer sensations you've never experienced before. Made of high-quality material, Hismith's sex dolls guarantee a long-lasting and satisfying experience, resulting in ultimate highs.

Realistic Sex Dolls

The soft skin, round breasts and full buttocks of our sex dolls feel authentic. Crafted from realistic and high-quality material, the entrances feature a ribbed texture for added friction and stimulation, giving you a lifelike experience. Designed to fully satisfy your desires, our sex dolls offer not only pleasure but also companionship. With models like Judy, similar in size to a real woman, you'll never feel lonely again and you'll always be ready for a passionate night. Start fantasizing in advance...

Sex doll for him and her

Add extra excitement to the bedroom with sex dolls suitable for both men and women. Get rid of the standard sex toys; these sex dolls will take your sex life to new heights. Contrary to the prevailing belief that sex dolls are only for men, they are also suitable for women to experience pure pleasure. For couples, we offer several sex dolls that you can enjoy together. For example, choose the Shemale Sex Doll Conchita, complete with delicious breasts, a firm penis and a tight anus. Or discover the muscular body of Sex doll George for hours of fun with your partner.

Shemale sex doll

With a shemale sex doll, you experience the best of both worlds. Specially designed for men, women who like transgender women, or couples who want some extra excitement. Shemale sex dolls feature a hard, rigid penis, soft breasts and a tight anus. Made of high-quality materials, such as 98% premium silicone and 2% TPE, they stay firmly in place thanks to their flat base/back. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your pace. Popular models such as the light toned Shemale Sex Doll Conchita and the dark toned Shemale Sex Doll Mercedes offer the ultimate experience.

Sexy female sex dolls

Large, soft breasts, tight entrances and full buttocks; our female sex dolls have it all. Made of soft material similar to a real woman's skin, they offer the perfect opportunity for role-playing and adding a new dimension to masturbation. Let your imagination run wild and experience everything you want with your sex doll. She never says "no" and is always ready for action. The ribbed structure in the entrances provides an intense sensation, making you discover something new. Squeeze the large breasts or move back and forth for an unforgettable climax. Experience an exciting night guaranteed with our female sex dolls.

Muscular male sex dolls

Our male torsos are ideal for men and women who want more than standard sex toys. With a muscular torso, erect penis and tight anus, male torsos like George and Anthony offer an intense experience. Compact in size so you can easily move and store them, your secret adventure remains discreet.

How to choose the right sex doll for you?

Discover the perfect sex doll that meets all your needs. When purchasing a sex doll, the following considerations are important:

Size: Do you want complete freedom to use the sex doll anywhere? Then choose a more compact size that is easy to move around. If you are looking for a realistic experience with a constant companion, a lifelike sex doll is the best choice.

Alone or Together: Consider whether you will use the sex doll alone or with your partner. Our versatile sex dolls can be used by both men and women. If you use the doll alone, you can choose between male or female sex dolls.

Features: Consider what features you desire. Is a sex doll with multiple inputs enough, or do you want a more advanced experience with vibrating and sucking features, as with Sex doll Paulina or Sex doll Natalia?

If you're unsure about using a sex doll, try one of our affordable options, such as Unique or Shirley. After the first experience, you may never want anything else!

Realistic male sex dolls

The popularity of realistic sex dolls made of silicone and TPE is growing rapidly. People are looking for an authentic experience and a sexual companion with whom they can explore everything. Women are also interested in realistic male sex dolls, which are designed with a realistic appearance, soft skin and attractive male features for a lifelike experience.

Inflatable sex dolls

Inflatable sex dolls were the first on the market, followed by more realistic models made of silicone and TPE. Inflatable sex dolls are easier to produce, resulting in a lower price. They come in various sizes and both male and female varieties, with multiple entrances such as mouth, vagina and anus. They are flexible and easy to clean, taking up little space.

Maintaining a sex doll

Through regular maintenance and cleaning, you can extend the life of your sex doll. After use, clean the doll with a Toy Cleaner, rinse it with water and pat dry with a clean cloth. For smooth use, we recommend using a condom in combination with Hismith Water-Based Lubricant.

Order sex dolls online

Our sex toys can be ordered online easily and discreetly. Here at Hismith, we find discretion very important. This is why you can't see what's inside the package from the outside. Also, there is no sender listed on the package, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the sex dolls without having to worry about your privacy.

Do you have any questions about the sex dolls or need advice? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will gladly help you further!