With the Premium Attachments in combination with a Hismith Premium Sex Machine, you can keep on varying endlessly. The various attachments such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories are all equipped with the KlicLok® connector. This makes it easy for you to mount the attachments onto the Premium Sex Machines. With the Premium Adapters, you can keep on using all your current sex toys in combination with the sex machine. In this guide, we explain the attachments we have in our range and what you can use them for.

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Table of contents

1. What are Premium Attachments?
2. The Hismith Premium Sex Machines
3. What materials are used to make them?
4. Use your favourite sex toys on the Sex Machine
5. KlicLok® connector
6. Premium Dildo attachments
7. Premium Masturbator attachments
8. Premium accessories and adapters
9. Tips and maintenance
10. Safety


1. What are Premium Attachments?

Premium Attachments are specially made to mount onto and use on a Hismith Premium Sex Machine. Think of, e.g., a dildo, a masturbator (pocket pussy) for men or other accessories and adapters. You can easily mount the attachments to the sex machine using the KlicLok® connector. Also, you can use all dildo and masturbator attachments on their own. Some dildos have a suction cup in addition to a connector. By unscrewing the connector from the dildo, you can attach the suction cup to a variety of smooth surfaces. Attachments, in combination with a Sex Machine, are a fantastic addition to your range of sex toys.


2. The Hismith Premium Sex Machines

A Hismith Premium Sex Machine (also called a sexmachine or fuck machine) is a fully automatic mechanical device that lets you sexually stimulate yourself and/or your partner. You can mount various attachments to it, such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories using the KlicLok® system. You can also fully configure the sex machine to your own personal preferences. Set the speed, penetration depth and vibration yourself with the app or the remote control. After adjusting the settings, the sex machine is then ready to give you hours of pleasure!

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3. What materials are used?

The Hismith Premium Attachments accessories and adapters are made from materials of the highest quality. For example, the dildos are made of 100% medically approved silicone. Premium dildos are slightly more expensive because the material is of better quality. They have a solid structure and are easy to clean. The material feels nice to touch, is 100% body safe and skin-friendly. An important thing to mention here is that these dildos cannot be used with silicone-based lubricant. Only use water-based lubricant such as our Hismith water-based lubricant. The basic attachments are often made of rubber, PVC, TPE or elastomers. These are cheaper materials. These materials are a bit more porous and harder to clean. In addition, these materials can cause skin irritations in some cases. The Premium Accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel, steel and aluminium. They are designed to be used a lot and last a very long time!


4. Use your favourite sex toys on the Sex Machine

By making use of adapters, adapters, you don't have to part ways with your favourite sex toys. The different adapters are designed to let you keep using your (current) favourites on our premium sex machines. For every popular type of connection, we have an adapter that has a KlicLok® connection on one end. This lets you connect the adapter with a sex toy to your Premium Sex Machine. For instance, you can attach all your suction cup dildos to the sex machine with a Suction Cup Adapter. Do you have sex toys with a different type of connection, such as the Vac-U-Lock? Then you can mount them onto a sex machine with the Adapter Vac-U-Lock to KlicLok®.


5. KlicLok® connector

KlicLok® is the connection system you use to fasten attachments onto a Premium Sex Machine . This applies to the Premium Sex Machines Pro 1, Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5, Pro Traveler and the Capsule. The KlicLok® connector has an 8-sided connection which is fastened to the sex machine. This ensures that it won't easily come loose. The system has been extensively tested and is 100% safe and solid. Apart from being safe, the connection system is also easy to use. Switching attachments is quick so you don't have to wait too long before you can get going again. In the case of suction cup dildos, you can unscrew the connector from the dildo. This way, besides mounting it onto the sex machine, you can also use the suction cup to fasten the dildo to a smooth surface. Switch things up with different kinds of (anal) dildos, masturbators and other accessories for endless play and pleasure!


6. Premium Dildo Attachments

You can vary endlessly with our wide range of Hismith dildo attachments. You'll never run out of things to do with these and there is always something new to discover. Different colours, sizes, double, fantasy, anal or vaginal, vibrating or non-vibrating. Plenty of choice to keep on varying. We briefly describe below which dildos we have in our range, so that you can make the best choice!

Realistic dildos

The name says it all, a realistic dildo is a dildo that looks like a real stiff penis. Do you enjoy life-like erotic experiences? Then this dildo is the best choice for you. The dildos have the same kind of structure that you also feel on a real penis. The veins are visible and it also features a large glans and balls. This makes your experience even more intense. You will find realistic dildos in all kinds of different sizes.

Anal dildos

An anal dildo is specially made for anal penetration of both men and women. Anal dildos have a slightly different design from standard dildos. The anal dildo has a narrow end so that it is easier to insert into the anus. What's more, the dildo has a wider, flared base which means the dildo will never get stuck inside the anus all the way. Which is why we do not recommend using a normal dildo for anal penetration. The anal dildo attachments are all fitted with the KlicLok® connector that lets you attach them to your Hismith Premium Sex Machine.

Vibrating dildos

Need extra stimulation during penetration? That's what you get with our vibrating dildos. They feature multiple vibration modes that you can endlessly vary. All our vibrating dildo attachments are supplied with a remote control so that you can easily switch vibration modes while having sex. Some also come with a suction cup on the base. So you can unscrew the KlicLok® connector and attach the vibrating dildo with the suction cup to any smooth surface!

Fantasy Dildos

As the name already implies, fantasy dildos are based on fantasy. Fantasy dildos have distinct shapes, intense structures and all kinds of colours. They can come in the shape of a tentacle, look like an alien or a snake. The distinctive shapes and structures of fantasy dildos provide extra stimulation and a different sensation than you are normally used to. They are made of flexible material so you can do all sorts of things with them.

Double dildos

The double dildo attachments (also called Double P.) are for the really experienced players amongst us. A double dildo comes with two large penises and can be used on two sides at the same time. These dildos are perfect for when you want to enjoy double stimulation. You can use a double dildo to penetrate yourself anally and vaginally. You can also use it to penetrate your partner and yourself at the same time. A double dildo is a model that is often longer than 20 centimetres in length. You can use the double dildo on your own - but it can also be an exciting adventure together with a partner!

Suction cup dildos

The Suction cup dildos come with a large suction cup on the base. With a suction cup, you can easily attach this sex toy to any flat and smooth surface. You can use the suction cup dildos in a number of ways. Apart from the suction cup, our attachments also come with the KlicLok® connector. This lets you attach the dildo to our Sex Machines. With a suction cup dildo, you have more freedom and have your hands free during masturbation. Unscrew the KlicLok® connector from the dildo and attach it to a smooth surface with the suction cup. For example, your bedroom door, the edge of your bed or the bathroom wall. Plenty of options to try out!

XL Dildo (Large dildo)

Large dildos that fall into the XL category are made for people who want to be completely filled during penetration. These XL dildos are longer, thicker, and have more volume. Our XL dildos start from 25 centimetres in length and are available in a variety of types. We always recommend using water-based Hismith Lubricant when using a large dildo. This ensures that you'll have the best possible experience with an XL dildo.


7. Premium Masturbator Attachments

In order to be able to offer everyone the most all-round sex experience, we have, of course, also thought about men. With a n masturbator attachment for men, the standard 'jerking off by hand' is a thing of the past! A masturbator (also known as a pocket pussy or male masturbator) is a sex toy that is specially made for men. The masturbator features soft, premium silicone material that looks and feels like a real vagina. Thanks to this soft material, combined with a lubricant, the artificial vagina provides you with a lifelike experience during penetration. The various models let you recreate the feeling of oral sex or penetration. The pocket pussies are fitted with a KlicLok® connection that lets you attach them to a Premium Sex Machine. The masturbator attachments can also be used separately from the sex machine.

Vibrating and sucking masturbator

In addition to the normal versions, we also have a selection of vibrating masturbators. These masturbators gently vibrate and suck so that you get to experience an intense sensation during penetration. The vibrating and sucking masturbators are suitable for men who enjoy extra intense sensations.

Anal Masturbator

Are you a lover of anal sex? Then an anal masturbator is the best choice for you. Would you prefer an anal masturbator instead of a vaginal masturbator? The soft silicone material gives the anal masturbator flexibility and moulds itself perfectly around your penis. They are available in different penetration depths and sizes.

Blowjob Masturbator

Do you enjoy oral sex more than penetration? A blowjob masturbator simulates the experience of real oral sex. It has an opening that recreates the sensation of a blowjob in several ways. This Blowjob Masturbator lets you feel the sensation of a licking and sucking mouth. There are also Blowjob Masturbators that come with a moaning female voice. Experience double the pleasure this way!


8. Premium accessories and adapters

Premium Accessories will help you perfect your experience with the sex machine. You simply connect the accessories and adapters between the sex machine and the attachment. They allow you to get just that little bit deeper, slightly more angled or get into an even better position. This is going to help you reach heights that you've never before experienced. The accessories let you move around more freely, and give more length and flexibility. With the special adapters, you can keep on using all your favourite sex toys on the sex machine.

Extender adapter

This adapter lets you position the Sex Machine further away during use. In total, you get a staggering 30 centimetres of extension with the extender adapter. It makes it easier to try any position, be it doggy style, missionary or standing up.

Flexible spring adapter

Do you love experimenting and want to have all the freedom you need while using the sex machine? Then the Flexible Spring Adapter is definitely the way to go. You can fit the flexible spring as an in-between extension piece onto our Premium Sex Machines. This provides you with an extra 12 centimetres in total. This way, you don't have to adjust the sex machine straight away when you change position. Maybe you'd like a slightly more angled position to feel the ultimate amount of friction.

Wrap Connector

With a Wrap Connector, you can keep on using all your favourite sex toys in combination with the sex machine. You easily strap a sex toy onto your sex machine with the elastic strap. A pocket pussy, masturbator or vibrator - almost nothing is too crazy for this adapter!

Vac-u-lok Adapter

Vac-U-Lock is a special system for strap-on harnesses designed by the sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson. Many types of sex toys come equipped with the Vac-U-Lock system. We have included several Vac-U-Lock adapters in our range. With these adapters, it is possible to attach any sex toy that has a Vac-U-Lock connection onto our Hismith Premium Sex Machines. So, this means you can use all your Vac-U-Lock sex toys in combination with our Premium Sex Machines. For example, choose the Vac-U-Lock Adapter that you can connect a single sex toy to. Need to be able to move around more freely? Then choose the Vac-U-Lock with a Spring Adapter. Do you crave double penetration? Then the Double Vac-U-Lock Adapter is the best option.

Suction Cup Adaptor

The suction cup adapter is a must-have for your sex machine. It lets you connect all dildos that have a suction cup to the sex machine. Suction cup adapters come in different sizes, such as medium, large and extra large. Choose the right size by looking at the diameter of your dildo. Do you have a favourite suction cup dildo that you want to keep on using? Just attach it to the adapter using the suction cup and connect it to the sex machine. That way, you won't have to part ways with it!

Double KlicLok® Adapter

The Double KlicLok® Adapter lets you connect two attachments or accessories. This way, you can have double the pleasure with the sex machine. You can easily adjust the distance between the attachments or accessories to your preferences. By connecting this adapter to the Hismith Premium Sex Machine, you can be penetrated vaginally and anally at the same time!

Fleshlight Adapter

The Fleshlight Adapter lets you connect all Fleshlight Masturbators to the Sex Machines. The Fleshlight Masturbator is a very popular sex toy for men. Although the first Fleshlights had an opening in the shape of a vagina, nowadays you can also choose a model in the shape of an anus or mouth. You can use the adapter to connect all Fleshlight Masturbators to the Hismith Premium Sex Machines.

Quick Air and 3XLR to KlicLok®

Do you have any sex toys that have a different connection than KlicLok®? Then you can keep on using them with these adapters. With the Quick Air to KlicLok® Adapter, for example, you can connect all your sex toys that have a Quick Air Connection. Or with the 3XLR to KlicLok® Adapter, you can easily attach your toys that have a 3XLR connector. This means you don't have to get rid of your old sex toys!


9. Tips and maintenance

All our dildo attachments are made of high-quality silicone. This is a 100% skin-friendly and safe material that does not require much maintenance. We recommend cleaning after using our dildo attachments, masturbators or accessories with a special ToyCleaner. This inhibits the growth of bacteria. Spray the attachment, rinse it off with water and then pat it dry with a clean (lint-free) cloth. For an even more supple experience and to prolong the lifespan of the attachments, we recommend using a condom in combination with Hismith® Water-based Lubricant.


10. Safety

Our sex machines and attachments are made so that you can use them safely. However, you should follow a few guidelines to ensure their safe use:

  • Only use the attachments for their intended purpose
  • Attachments made of 100% medical silicone should only be used with a water-based lubricant.
  • Always follow the instructions in the user manual. Each sex machine and/or attachment comes with a user manual, make sure that you read it thoroughly before use.
  • Always switch off the machine before (dis)connecting any part or attachment.
  • Never (dis)connect any part or attachment while in use.
  • Always check that an attachment is attached in the right way before switching on the sex machine.