Hismith has a wide range of sex toys for men! Are you going for a Pocket Pussy, Butt plug or Artificial Vagina? Take your solo sex life to the next level with our sex toys.

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Pocket Pussy Masturbator
Pocket Pussy Masturbator
Pocket Pussy Masturbator
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Pocket Pussy Masturbator
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Sex toys for men

For a long time, the sex toys industry was dominated by mainly sex toys for women. Fortunately, these days men are also being catered for and there is a wide range of male sex toys to choose from. The sex toys in our range stimulate the erogenous zones of the man. There are several sex toys on offer for men that stimulate the anus and prostate, such as prostate dildos and butt plugs. When the prostate (P-spot) is being stimulated while jerking off, it can lead to a very powerful orgasm. There are also lots of sex toys that imitate penetration, such as a masturbator (pocket pussy) or an artificial vagina. These sex toys are made of soft material and have a structure that provides you with an intense feeling during penetration. So you can take your solo sex life to a whole new level!

Types of sex toys for men

Sex toys for men can be used to make your solo sex life or your sex life with your partner even more exciting. We briefly explain below which types of sex toys are available for men.


With a masturbator for men, the standard 'jerking off by hand' is a thing of the past! A masturbator (also called a pocket pussy or male masturbator) is a sex toy designed especially for men. The masturbator features soft, premium silicon material that closely resembles a real vagina. This soft material, when combined with lubricant, makes the artificial vagina feel like a real life experience during penetration. You can mimic the feeling of oral sex or penetration with the different models. The pocket pussies have suction, thrust and vibration options that make your experiences even more intense. What's more, masturbators are compact and easy to store. So no one has to know what you get up to!

Anal sex toys

Anal sex toys for men are made specifically for anal penetration. There are different kinds, such as an Anal dildo, Butt plug and a Prostate Dildo. Anal dildos have a slightly different design than standard dildos. The anal dildo has a narrow end which makes it easier to insert into the anus In addition, the dildo has a wider, flared base so the dildo can never be fully inserted into the anus and get stuck there. This is why we do not recommend using a normal dildo anally.

Butt plug

Butt plugs are made to take your orgasms to the next level. They are available in all kinds of sizes and are very popular among the range of anal sex toys for men. For instance, choose this butt plug with ribs and nubs for extra stimulation. A butt plug has a thin upper section and broadens out at the base. A wide grip on the end prevents the butt plug from sliding all the way in and being stuck inside the anus. This enables you to easily remove the butt plug.

Prostate dildo (P-spot)

A prostate dildo is specifically designed to stimulate a man's prostate. They are ideal for anal sex. Especially if you get jerked off at the same time, this can lead to an amazing orgasm. In men, the P-spot can be reached through the anus and is located around 5 centimetres farther in. You can easily reach the P-spot with a dildo from this category. All P-spot models are curved and have a bent tip designed to induce an extreme orgasm.

Anal Vibrator

You can recognise Anal Vibrators by their narrow pointed tip and smaller diameter. This enables you to insert an anal vibrator easily into the anus The base of the anal vibrator is thicker so that it remains firmly in place and cannot get stuck all the way inside the anus. This is why it is highly inadvisable to use vaginal vibrators for anal use. Anal vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate the zones in the anus. You can achieve powerful orgasms this way. Women and men alike can enjoy an anal vibrator.

Penis pump

A Penis pump is a kind of cylinder that slides around the penis. The penis is sucked into a vacuum which causes the blood vessels in the penis to expand. As a result, more blood flows through the penis causing an extra hard erection. The penis pump is also called an erection pump. A temporary thickening and lengthening of the penis occurs after use. A penis pump is often used by men with erection problems or men who love the feeling that the penis pump gives them. Most penis pumps are transparent and have a ruler so you can immediately see how much the penis has grown.

Artificial Vagina and Artificial Anus

An artificial vagina is a masturbator made specially for men. There are several types of artificial vaginas (also called a fake vagina or an artificial cunt). This sex toy has the shape, look and feel of a real vagina. An artificial vagina is used by men to masturbate with. Using a fake vagina, you can imitate penetrating a real woman. Choose from our wide range of tight, vibrating or sucking artificial vaginas. The artificial vaginas are made of medically approved silicone which feels very realistic. The material is flexible and soft just like the skin of a real woman.

In addition to artificial vaginas, there are also artificial anuses. There are also lots of different types with a variety of penetration options. You can choose between vaginal, anal or oral penetration. This is ideal if you love variety. For instance, opt for this artificial vagina, a vaginal and anal masturbator. This artificial bottom is 100% waterproof and the high-quality silicone creates a pleasurable body to body sensation.

Sex dolls

Looking for a new sex toy that will make all your fantasies come true? Then a realistic sex doll is a whole new experience for you to discover. A sex doll (also called a sex-doll, love doll or sexdoll) is a doll made to have sex with. We have a large range of female and male sex dolls, both with dark and light skin tones. The soft material and extra stimulation in the openings and on the penis provide you with a real life-like feeling. Do you want an even more intense experience? Our vibrating and sucking sex dolls will give you sensations that you have never experienced before. The sex dolls are made of premium materials and have a long lifespan. With the sex dolls from Hismith, you are guaranteed to reach orgasmic heights!

Order sex toys for men online

Our sex toys for men can be ordered online easily and discreetly. Here at Hismith, we find discretion very important. This is why you can't see what's inside the package from the outside. Also, there is no sender listed on the package, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the sex toys without having to worry about your privacy.

Do you have any questions about the sex toys for men? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will gladly help you further!