Auxfun® offers a variety of sex machines with numerous extras catering to every budget! Auxfun® comprises two groups of sex machines: the Plus series and the Basic series. The Auxfun® Plus Sex Machines come equipped with an Ezfunlok connection, while the Basic Sex Machines feature a 3XLR connector.

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Auxfun® Basic Pleasure Devices - Explore Sensual Pleasure on a Budget for Beginners

Why Choose Auxfun Basic?

Auxfun Basic is the perfect choice for users who are new to the world of pleasure devices. It combines affordability with quality, allowing beginners to enjoy a satisfying experience without breaking the bank. Let's delve deeper into the features that make Auxfun Basic an ideal choice.

How Does an Auxfun Basic Pleasure Device Work?

Auxfun offers simple, budget-friendly Basic Pleasure Devices that are effortlessly easy to use. Each machine is equipped with a tube featuring a 3XLR connection. Effortlessly attach various 3XLR accessories, such as masturbators and dildos, using this connector. The machine is ready for use immediately after attaching the desired accessory. With the included wired remote control, you can adjust the thrust speed yourself and experience an unprecedented climax in no time.

Suitable for Beginners: A Comfortable Start

Auxfun Basic is specifically designed to give beginners a comfortable start in the world of pleasure devices. The ergonomic design ensures easy use and provides intuitive control, allowing you to explore and discover at your own pace.

Satisfying Performance at an Affordable Price

The advanced motor technology of Auxfun Basic delivers discreet yet satisfying sensations. With an impressive speed of 450 thrusts per minute, you experience enjoyable intensity without the burden of a high price tag.

User-Friendly Operation: Discover Your Rhythm

The straightforward operation of Auxfun Basic makes it ideal for users of all levels. Easily adjust the speed and discover your rhythm for an ultimate experience.

Extras for Enhanced Experience: More Value for Your Money

Each Auxfun Basic package comes with extras to enhance your experience. We believe in providing added value, allowing you to enjoy a complete and satisfying experience without additional costs.

What is a 3XLR Connector?

The 3XLR connector is the connecting piece that allows you to easily link all 3XLR accessories to the Basic Sex Machine. The 3XLR connector of Auxfun Basic offers universal connectivity, allowing the device to seamlessly integrate with other devices. This gives you the freedom to customize your pleasure experience to your preferences. Our 3XLR Attachments are specifically designed for our more affordable Basic line Auxfun Basic Sex Machines. Easily connect various attachments such as a dildo or a masturbator to your Basic sex machine. The straightforward operation of the connector system allows for quick alternation between different attachments or accessories during use.

Less Suitable for Anal Penetration: Explore the Auxfun Plus Series

While Auxfun Basic has much to offer, it is important to note that it is less suitable for anal penetration. It is possible, but we do not recommend it. For those interested in this specific experience, we recommend exploring the Auxfun Plus Series for more suitable options.

Our Affordable Basic Pleasure Devices

All Auxfun Basic Pleasure Devices are equipped with a powerful motor and made from sturdy materials such as plastic. The Basic Ukelele Pleasure Machine is an exception, as it is largely made of metal and plastic. These machines are adjustable in height, position, and thrust speed and/or frequency. Below, we highlight the different models.

ST-0430 Auxfun Basic Pleasure Machine

This budget-friendly machine is made of plastic and has one tube for attaching various attachments. Standardly equipped with a 3XLR connector, to which QAC accessories can also be attached using an adapter. The machine can be positioned in various ways and comes with four suction cups for secure placement on a flat surface. The wired remote control allows you to adjust the thrust frequency remotely, up to 450 penetrations per minute.

C0357 Auxfun Basic Pleasure Machine

This compact machine, equipped with four suction cups, can be securely placed on a flat surface. With one tube with a 3XLR connector, various attachments can be attached. With the wired remote control, you can easily adjust the thrust speed, up to 280 penetrations per minute. Adjust the machine to your favorite position or height.

ST-0594 Auxfun Basic Pleasure Machine

This robust Basic Pleasure Machine has one tube for attaching various 3XLR accessories. With an adapter, QAC accessories can also be easily attached. With four suction cups, the machine can be securely positioned on a flat surface. The machine is adjustable in height and can be positioned in your favorite position. The wired remote control allows you to adjust the thrust frequency remotely, with up to 280 penetrations per minute.

Auxfun Vibrators

Vibrators come in various types and sizes. Control your favorite settings, speed, vibration, and more with the wireless remote control. There are licking, sucking, thrusting, and the most well-known vibrating vibrators.

Dildo Attachments

Swap dildos to your heart's content with our extensive range. Whether you love vaginal, anal, or double pleasure, our assortment offers various possibilities. With materials such as silicone, TPE, and TPU, and a variety of colors, there's something for everyone.

Masturbator Attachments

Explore our extensive range of masturbators or pocket pussy's. The soft material provides a realistic experience. Whether you choose vaginal or anal pleasure, the possibilities are endless!

Basic Accessories

Expand your pleasure with our extensive range of accessories. Connect your favorite sex toy to the suction cup adapter or reach that one delicious spot more easily with an extension. Enhance the pleasure of your sex machine with all our accessories.