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What is an attachment?

attachments are specially designed to be attached to and used on a Hismith Premium Sex Machine. Take, for example, dildo, a masturbator (pocket pussy) for men or other types of accessories and adapters. The attachments can be fitted onto the sex machine for endless hours of pleasure. They are all designed to take your sexual pleasure to the next level. What's more, you can also use all the attachments separately. Apart from a connector, some dildos also have a suction cup that you can attach to different surfaces. In combination with a sex machine, attachments are a fantastic addition to your collection of sex toys.

Hismith Premium Attachments

Our Premium attachments are specially designed for the Hismith Premium Sex Machines. The attachments are easy to mount onto your premium sex machine thanks to our own patented KlicLok® connection system. Also, you can find lots of adapters in the webshop that you can attach all the sex toys to our sex machines. You can attach your favourite sex toys with an elastic strap using, for example, the Wrap Connector. Or alternatively, you can attach all your favourite dildos and vibrators to the sex machine with the Clamp Adapter. This way you can endlessly vary what you‘re doing and keep on using all your own sex toys. The Hismith Premium attachments and adapters are made from the finest quality materials. For example, the dildos are made of 100% medically approved silicone and TPE. You can also use the attachments on their own without attaching them to a sex machine.

What is KlicLok®?

KlicLok® is the connection system that you use to attach the attachments to a Premium Sex Machine. The KlicLok® connector has an 8-sided connection which is attached to the sex machine. This ensures that it won't easily come loose. The system has been rigorously tested and is 100% safe and solid. Apart from being safe, the connection system is also easy to use. Changing the attachments is very quick, so you don't have to wait too long before you can continue. In the case of suction cup dildos, you can unscrew the connector from the dildo. This enables you to attach the dildo to a smooth surface with the suction cup as well as to a sex machine. Switch things up with different (anal) dildo’s, masturbators and other accessories and other for endless hours of play pleasure!

Vac-U-Lock Adapters and attachments

Vac-U-Lock is a special system for strap-on harnesses designed by the sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson. There are many types of sex toys that come with the Vac-U-Lock system. This system lets you easily connect the Vac-U-Lock sex toys to a strap-on harness or grip. We have included several Vac-U-Lock adapters in our range. These adapters make it possible to connect every sex toy with a Vac-U-Lock connection to our Hismith Premium Sex Machines. This means that you can use all your Vac-U-Lock sex toys in combination with our Premium Sex Machines. For example, go for the Vac-U-Lock Adapter that you can use to attach a single sex toy. Do you want to be able to move around more freely? Then go for the Vac-U-Lock with Spring Adapter. Would you like something with double penetration? Then the Double Vac-U-Lock Adapter is the best option.

What kinds of attachments are there?

We have a wide range of Premium attachments for the Premium Sex Machines. We briefly describe below what the attachments are designed for and how you can use them.

  • Dildo attachments: You can vary endlessly with our large range of Hismith dildos. You will never run out of things to do and there is always something new to explore. Different colours, sizes, single or double, anal or vaginal, vibrating or not. Plenty of options to keep switching things up! For example, choose a realistic dildo or go one step further with a vibrating purple dildo.

    Feel like more of a challenge? Then check out an anal dildo like this pink fantasy dildo or one of our double attachments. You can make it as exciting as you like, it's up to you! Apart from the KlicLok® connector, a lot of dildos also come equipped with a suction cup. This means that you can not only attach the dildo to the sex machine, but also to a smooth surface. In addition to attaching dildos to a sex machine or surface, you can always use them on their own. So you can keep on switching things up with your dildo attachments!

  • Masturbator attachments: In order to offer everyone the fullest sexual experience, we have naturally also given some thought to men. The masturbators (also called pocket pussies) are designed to give you an intense experience. The pocket pussies have various suction, thrust and vibration options. They are made of a soft material that feels realistic. This creates a truly life-like experience!

    The pocket pussies come equipped with a KlicLok® connector that enables you to attach them to a Premium Sex Machine. This offers you extra ways of using the machine. Choose, for example, our competitively priced vibrating pocket pussy. Are you looking for more sensations? Then choose this thrusting masturbator that will bring you to a new orgasmic peak with its sexy moaning sounds!

  • Premium Accessories: after buying a Premium Sex Machine you can keep expanding your collection for it with attachments, but also with accessories and adapters. Accessories enable you to perfect your experience even more. They enable you to go a little deeper, a bit more angled or adopt an even better position. This will help you reach levels of pleasure you have never experienced before! Do you want to be able to move more freely during penetration? That’s what you get with the flexible spring adapter. Do you want to use the sex machine in places where you need more reach? Then use the flexible spring in combination with an extension. This gives you all the room you need so you can enjoy yourself without any concerns!

  • Adapters for your Sex Toys: the different adapters are designed so that you can keep on using your (current) favourites on our premium sex machines. For example, you can attach all your suction cup dildos to the sex machine with a suction cup adapter. Have you got any sex toys that have a different type of connection, such as a Vac U Lock? Then you can attach it to the sex machine using the Adapter KlicLok to Vac U Lock. All accessories and adapters are made of high-quality steel and aluminium which ensures that they last a very long time.

Premium quality dildos

Our dildos are made of high-quality materials. Most dildos are made of TPE or 100% medical grade silicone. TPE is also called thermoplastic rubber and is considered safe to use for all kinds of sex toys. The Premium Dildo attachments are safe to use and will last a long time. 

All our dildo attachments are made of high-quality silicone.

All our dildo attachments are made of high-quality silicone. This is 100% skin-friendly and safe material that does not require much maintenance. We recommend that you clean the dildo attachments, masturbators and attachments with a special ToyCleaner after using them. This inhibits the growth of bacteria. Spray the attachment, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. For an even smoother experience and to prolong the lifespan of the attachments, we recommend using a condom in combination with the Hismith® Water-based Lubricant.

Order Hismith Dildos and attachments online

Our dildos and attachments can easily and discreetly be ordered online. Here at Hismith, we find discretion very important. This is why you can't see what's inside the package from the outside. Also, there is no sender listed on the package, so the package is not traceable to us. You can order the attachments without having to worry about your privacy.

Do you have any questions about our range of masturbators, dildos or other accessories? Would you like some advice on which attachments best suit your needs? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will gladly help you further!