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What is a Hismith Premium Sex Machine?


The Hismith Premium Sex Machine, also known as a fucking machine or thrusting machine, is an advanced and fully automated mechanical device designed to provide sexual stimulation for individuals and/or partners. This machine uses various attachments such as dildos, masturbators, and other accessories that can be easily attached. The Hismith Sex Machine is fully customizable, allowing users to adjust the speed, penetration depth, and vibrations to their personal preferences using a convenient Smart App or remote control.

How Does a Hismith Sex Machine Work?

The Hismith Premium Sex Machines are designed to be user-friendly. They feature one or more tubes with a KlicLok® connector at the end. This connector allows for the secure attachment of various KlicLok® attachments, such as dildos and masturbators. The KlicLok® system has been extensively tested and is known for its safety and stability. Users can configure the machine via the convenient Smart App or remote control, adjusting their own preferences for speed, penetration depth, and vibrations.

What is a KlicLok® Connector?

KlicLok® is the connection system used to attach various attachments to the Premium Sex Machine. The 8-sided connector ensures a secure connection, and the system is both safe and easy to use. Quick changes of attachments are possible, allowing users to quickly switch between different toys for a varied experience.

Remote Control and Smart App Operation

The Hismith sex machine can be remotely controlled via the Smart App on a smartphone or with the included remote control. The Smart App is intuitive and provides full control over the machine, allowing users to adjust their own speed, penetration depth, and frequency. In addition, users can create their own thrust frequencies or participate in the community to experience different thrust frequencies. This opens up the possibility of remotely controlling the machine, even over long distances, adding new dimensions to relationships.

Professional Sex Machines in the Range

The Hismith Premium Sex Machines are made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. These professional machines have a quiet and powerful motor, ensuring discretion. Here is a brief overview of some models in the range:

  1. Pro 1 Premium Sex Machine: A powerful machine with a single tube, adjustable thrust depth, thrust height, and speed. Comes with a carry bag for discretion.

  2. Pro 3 Premium Sex Machine: Compact and powerful, ideal for use in different locations. Produces little noise and comes with a carry bag.

  3. Pro 4 Premium Sex Machine: Designed for couples with four tubes for different attachments. Up to 240 thrusts per minute for intense experiences.

  4. Pro 5 Premium Sex Machine: A stable machine with fully customizable settings, suitable for different positions and toys.

  5. Hismith Pro Traveler: A compact fuck machine for romantic getaways, with 24 watts of power and a strong suction cup for stability.

Sex Machine Bundle and Premium Attachments

Hismith offers the opportunity to create your own Premium Sex Machine Package with the Product Configurator. This package includes a Premium Sex Machine and three or more attachments with a significant discount. The Premium Attachments are specially designed for the Hismith Premium Sex Machines and are easily attachable with the patented KlicLok® connection system. Dildos and masturbators offer users endless possibilities for variation.

Maintenance and Online Ordering

The Hismith Premium Sex Machines are made with high-quality materials and require little maintenance. Periodic lubrication of the tubes and cleaning with a special Toy Cleaner is recommended for optimal hygiene. These quality sex toys can be easily and discreetly ordered online. Hismith guarantees customer privacy through discreet packaging with no mention of the sender.

For further questions or assistance, customers can use the live chat on the website. Hismith is ready to help and provide a high-quality experience with their Premium Sex Machines.