Are you looking for a fully assembled package that you can have exciting adventures with? Then choose a Hismith Pro Sex Machine bundle with add-ons to play around with. 

Extra discount on the Sex Machine Bundles

All our bundles include a Hismith Pro Sex Machine with different types of Premium Add-ons. Needless to say, you will receive an extra discount when you buy a bundle. You will be offered a discount of up to 15% on all add-ons in the package. Choose the bundle that best suits your needs and preferences!

Sex Machine Bundles

When we put together the bundles, we took into account all the different preferences people have. Do you prefer anal sex, a masturbator or do you want to use the fuck machine together with your partner? We briefly describe below what each sex machine bundle is specifically made up of. Can't find what you are looking for? Then put together your own package with the help of our Product Configurator.

Anal sex machine package

Do you enjoy anal sex and are you looking for a package that gives you plenty of variety? Then go for the Anal Sex Machine Pro 1 Bundle or the XL Anal Sex Machine Pro 1 Bundle.

Bundle including Vac-U-Lock adapter

This Thierry B Sexmachine Pro 1 Bundle includes a sex machine, several large dildos and accessories. Do you have your own dildo with a Vac-U-Lock connection (like the Doc Johnson dildos)? Then you can connect it to the sex machine with the supplied Vac-U-Lock adapter.

Sex machine package for him

The MEN Sexmachine Pro 1 Bundle is specially designed for men. In this package, you get two pocket pussy (masturbator) add-ons and a sexy dildo. We're sure that you'll reach new heights of pleasure with this in combination with the powerful fuck machine Pro 1!

Sex machine package for her

A perfect package for a woman to start off with: the Alessandro Sex Machine Pro 1 Bundle.. It has everything you need to enjoy new adventures. The fully automatic fuck machine in combination with the add-ons and handy accessories will give you orgasms like you have never experienced before!

Large dildo bundle

Do you love nice big dildos? Then this package is the best choice for you. Big Bang Sex Machine Pro 1 Bundle and the Big Bang Sex Machine Pro 5 bundle will fill you up completely.

Large brown dildos

You can find big, brown dildos in these sex machine bundles: Dante Sex Machine Pro 1 bundle and Dante Sex Machine Pro 5 bundle.

Mega Suction Cup Dildo with Suction Cup Adapter

Have you got several suction cup dildos in your collection? Then this package is interesting for you. Gigolo Sex Machine Pro 1 bundle comes with a large suction cup dildo and a suction cup adapter. This allows you to easily attach all your suction cup dildos to the fucking machine.

Sex machine package for couples

Looking for a sex machine package for couples? Then choose the Couples Sex Machine Pro 1 Bundle or the Couples Sex Machine Pro 5 bundle. Besides a dildo and a masturbator, you will also find adapters so that you can attach your current favourite sex toys to the sex machine.

Realistic dildo fuck machine bundle

Realistic dildos in combination with a fucking machine will give you an intense experience. Then choose the Marcelo Sex Machine Pro 1 or the Bundel Marcelo Sex Machine Pro 5. In it, you''ll find a variety of dildos suitable for every level.

Next level fuck machine bundles

Are you ready for a challenge and do you have more experience with sex toys? Then check out these bundles for the ultimate sexual experiences with our sex machines:
- Fantasy Sex Machine Pro 3 BundlePro 3
- Anal XXL Sex Machine Pro 1 Bundle

Put your own Sex Machine package together

At Hismith, the convenience and comfort of our customers are our top priority. This is why we developed the Product Configurator . This gives you the option of putting together your own Premium Sex Machine Package. This package includes a Premium Sex Machine and 3 or more add-ons such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories. And, of course, with a huge discount! Read more about how you can put together your own package here.

- 3 or 4 add-ons = 10% discount (on all add-ons)
- 5 or more add-ons = 15% discount (on all add-ons)

What is a HiSmith Premium Sex Machine?

A Hismith Premium Sex Machine (also called a sex-machine or a fuck machine) is a fully automatic mechanical device with that you can use to sexually stimulate yourself and/or your partner. You can attach various add-ons to the machine such as,, dildos, masturbators and other accessories. You can adjust the sex machine completely to your own personal preferences. Set the speed, penetration depth and vibration rate with the app or remote control. Then the sex machine is ready to give you hours and hours of pleasure!

How does a Sex Machine work?

Hismith Premium Sex Machines are user-friendly. The sex machine has one or more tubes on its frame. The tubes are fitted with a KlicLok® connection on the ends. You can connect all KlicLok® add-ons to this, such as dildos, masturbators and other accessories. Optionally, you can also connect other sex toys to the machine with the help of an adapter. After choosing your sex toy, you can then configure the machine via the convenient Smart App or remote control. Choose your own speed, penetration depth and type of vibration. After that, the sex machine is ready to bring you to a climax that you have never, ever experienced before! Are you up for it?

What is a KlicLok® connector?

KlicLok® is the connection system that enables you to mount all kinds of add-ons onto a Premium Sex Machine. The KlicLok® connector has an 8-sided connection which is attached to the sex machine. This ensures that it won't easily come loose. The system has been rigorously tested and is 100% safe and solid. Apart from being safe, the connection system is also easy to use. Changing the add-ons is very quick, so you don't have to wait too long before you can continue. Switch things up with different (anal) dildos, masturbators and other accessories for endless hours of play pleasure!

Order a Sex Machine Package online

You can order our sex machines packages easily and discreetly online. Here at Hismith, we find discretion very important. This is why you can't see what's inside the package from the outside. Also, there is no sender listed on the package, so the package is not traceable to us. You can order the sex machines without having to worry about your privacy.

Do you have any questions about the sex machines or any of our other accessories? You can ask all your questions via our Live Chat. We will gladly help you further!