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✅ Powerful Wireless Sex Machine ✅ Compact size and supplied in a handy storage bag
✅ Endless variations in speed and positions ✅ Suitable to use with the Hismith Smart App
✅ Discreet packaging and shipping... Read more
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Hismith Capsule - Premium Quality Handheld Wireless Sex Machine - Compact and Powerful

Ideal size to take with you when traveling - Always discreetly packaged and shipped

✅ Powerful Wireless Sex Machine
✅ Compact size and supplied in a handy storage bag
✅ Endless variations in speed and positions
✅ Suitable to use with the Hismith smart app
✅ Discreet packaging and shipping

Hot nights traveling with your mini fuck machine

Are you going for a romantic weekend away or enjoying a longer holiday? Then the Hismith Capsule Handheld Sex Machine may be missing. You can easily take this compact Sex machine with you and fit well in your suitcase. This way you can enjoy an ultimate highlight at any time!

Smart App Control you sex machine

Controlling the Capsule Sex Machine is easy with the Smart App. This gives you extra freedom and possibilities. Let your partner drive the machine for you or watch yourself. Extra excitement guaranteed! Enjoy different modes and vibrations by choosing different speeds and thrusts modes. The machine gives you a thrusts depth of up to 5 centimeters.

Compact and Powerful Fucking Machine

Despite its smaller size, the machine is no less powerful. With 3.7 volts, this motor gives you enough counterforce to enjoy. Attach the machine to a surface with the strong suction cup for a firm base.

Convenient travel-sized carrying case

The Hismith Capsule Handheld sex machine comes with a handy carrying bag so that you can easily transport the machine. Because the Capsule weighs less than a kilo and is compact in size, it easily fits in your suitcase or other luggage.

Endless variation with KlicLok dildos

The KlicLok® system allows you to vary endlessly with attachments and dildos. KlicLok® is the connection system with which you attach the dildos to the Sex Machine. This system makes changing the dildos very easy. The connector can also be unscrewed from the dildo. This allows you to use the dildo as a normal suction cup on a smooth and flat surface.

Premium Sex Machines

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. For this reason we produce the Sex machines ourselves. This way we can guarantee you quality and an attractive price. With our machines you will find a clear Dutch, English and German manual.

What do you receive?

1 x Capsule Sex Machine
1 x Standard Dildo
1 x Remote Control
1 x USB cable
1 x Portable Storage Bag
1 x User Manual
1 x APP Manual

Discreet packaging and shipping

At Hismith, discretion is extremely important to us. It is therefore not possible to see what is inside the package from the outside. There is also no sender on it, so the package cannot be traced back to us. You can order the products without worrying about your privacy.

Tips from our experts

Preferably use a condom together with Hismith® Water-Based Lubricant for an even smoother and more pleasant use! You can extend the life of all your Toys by taking good care of them. We advise you to quickly and easily clean the sex toys with a special Toy Cleaner before and after each use. Spray the toy, rinse it with water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean (lint-free) cloth. This prevents the growth of bacteria. Store your toys (preferably separately) in a cool and dry place.


  • Always turn off the machine before disconnecting or disconnecting any part
  • Never (disconnect) the accessories during use
  • Always check that the attachment is correctly attached
  • Always follow the instructions in the manual (if available)

Hismith will always pack & ship your order(s) discreetly. The package is without advertising. Discretion guaranteed!


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